Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Por favor, debes hablar español nunca

I'm in round three interviews with FIMRC's Ambassador program - which sends 10 lucky people to one of their clinical sites to essentially implement their own health project (I'm making it sound like some sort of sweepstakes but it's not!)  So the last interview is all in spanish and I was banging my head for putting Spanish as a language I am proficient in because clearly I'm not.  Picture this, my interviewer tells me to relax because he hears the nervousness in my voice but my god, I'M NERVOUS.  I don't even sweat that much when I run.  He was luckily very encouraging and patient but I realized if I get sent to Peru, this Rosetta Stone crap is not going to cut it.  I need to make some amigos de Espanol quick.  Sigh.  Results to come....

Praying for good news!

Beautiful graffiti, New York City

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