Sunday, January 23, 2011

Game over: Packers versus Steelers

Penny jar on my desk, Home

Had a perfect sunday composed of being reminded of reality after listening to Pastor Dwight, catching up with friends and window shopping with my sister as it is her last weekend before finishing her second college year.  My sister is really awesome btw.  I'm gonna miss her.  But now I can start going to the gym since I won't be tempted to be eating with her in front of the tube when I come home from work. I downgraded recently to a cheaper gym (24 hours!).  Should I feel safe if the first thing they show are the "emergency" buttons just in case any criminals come into the gym?  Not that I live in the projects or anything but do you really want to tell your members "don't let strange men in. carry your cellphone with you at the treadmill. carry this with you if you can't reach an emergency button." ?

Btw, Steelers are killing the Jets right now (23-0).  Taylor just tackled the QB and they got the fumble!! Oh my OH MY.  And I have to say.... GO PACKERS!!!

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