Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Don't tell me, show me.

The Smiling Face at the Johnson Museum, Cornell University, Ithaca
Don't be all talk.  Walk the talk.  
Fitting saying since I missed posting yesterday (it was inevitable).... But the point of this post is not just that.  Lately I find it extremely disheartening and scary to find people who talk about change but don't put it to action.  In terms of faith, it really scares me to think that people inside the church will be the people most blind to the reality of their state.  Dad and I were talking about Joel Olsteen (the health-and-wealth preacher from Texas) and in an effort to capture the attention of his audience, he (as well as countless of other pastors) have talked about the good side of the gospel.  Yes God blesses us.  And yes, relationships and serving others are quite important.  But at the central of the gospel, we see how God's love for the undeserving has transformed our own notion of any sort of good deeds or moral standards.  The talk is no longer the moral standard when Jesus is in the picture because the gospel is too radical for that to be the main subject.  The main subject is God loved and chose to save us from our hopeless state of sin.

To have a truly meaningful life means to give everything up. Soul food for thought this week...

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